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Comb releases new Feature

Sim pin is enabled on all G2 and B1000 systems in the field.

To enable the new sim pin on your G2 or B1000 you need to remove the current sim card that is in your system and insert it into a phone.  Once it is in a phone you will need to enable the sim cards pin, dependent on the phone that you use, go into the security settings.  If you have any problems please call us.

Created: 2010-02-12

Interconnect rates

MTN and Vodacom have agreed to lower cellphone termination rates, MTN SA announced on Friday.

"MTN SA can confirm that an agreement has been reached with Vodacom, and is pursuing bilateral negotiations with Cell C and other operators," the company said in a statement.

The two parties reached an agreement based on the parameters set in earlier negotiations, which had been under way for some time.


G2 Intercom System: Leveraging the B1000's unique features and benefits

Giving you more time for life’s more important things!

Since conception in 2001 Comb Communications has dedicated its time to listening to the industry to develop easy-to-use tools for the management of complexes and/or sectional title properties as well as other multi-dwelling facilities. We successfully launched and installed the world’s first cellular based network system in 2005, the B1000, but has further leveraged this one of its kind intercom system when introducing the G2 intercom system.

The G2 offers the user, complex management and administrator similar advantages and features as the B1000, but now includes exceptional add-on features to further enhance and optimise the ease of use and effectiveness of GSM based, intercom systems.  It is exactly this mobile and globally based communication technology that positions the G2 at the frontier of intercom system technology.

Differentiation at its best...

Fully integrated with Nova Remotes

The G2 has taken the best in remote control technology and integrated it with the uniqueness of the G2 to give ground breaking technology at your fingertips.


The system allows three telephone numbers to be saved per individual unit providing a well-received level of flexibility for both the user and visitor. True to the G2’s character, mobility and time efficiency are executed through alternative contact numbers and methods. Security can contact residents whether they are in their house, out of town on their cell phone or land line; and residents are fully aware and in control of who is visiting. 

Alert Structure 

The Input Management Structure alerts complex managers, administrators and installation companies via SMS when the electric fence alarms and/or when the entrance or exit gate gets stuck opening. It also logs when the lid has been opened.  The Input Management Structure give you the ability to know whats happening at the gate without the need to drive to site.





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